Sasquatch Coffee Company Raves

My first encounter out in the woods was foot stomps that shook the ground at 3am, so I had to order the Squatch Stomp Blend, first… Do you like a dark roast, full flavored coffee???? Get this NOW! I am very impressed w/this roast. Smooth, not bitter and delicious. I’m not quite a connoisseur but I’ve had both Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain that was fresh roasted — this is right up there. Congrats guys and thank you!
Doug Coffman
4:04am & I'm Howling in the night with Sasquatch Coffee, The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team & MNBRT Radio Supports Gunnar Monson & Sasquatch Coffee HOWL ON!!!!
Elusive Mnbrt
Just busted out my first bag of Sasquatch Stomp! Niiiiiice.....Bold...SQUATCHY!
Colum M. Sorensen